October 20, 2014


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here below an overview of fork sensors:


Standard fork sensors

Available sizes: 05, 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 120, 180, 220 mm

Ideal alternative to photocells or optical through-beam or reflective fibers; the housing, made of metal with a visible red LED light already aligned and with integrated amplifier, allows a streamlined, clean and robust  solution for the component passage control applications.


Laser fork sensors

Available sizes: 30, 50, 80, 120, 180 mm

The compact fork system creates a laser beam with a very small red light spot, able to get  lower than 0,1mm resolutions, constant on the whole fork width, allowing the detection of objects in a precise and reliable way at any point between the emitter and receiver.

The two-dimensional receiver element allows to mantain the nominal resolution even in the presence of slight mechanical deformations and ensures excellent performance on transparent objects.

Possible applications: counting and controlling small components in the handling process and assembly.


Detuned fork sensors

Available sizes: 80, 120, 180 mm

The detuned series, created for the detection of transparent objects, is much cheaper if compared to the laser series.


Fork sensor with longer legs

Available size: 120 mm

The leg lenght is 114mm (instead of 54mm), as in the forks with a width of 180 and 220mm.

The long-legs series makes the mounting on small conveyor belts easier and smarter; by resorting to positioning “from below”, the top becomes accessible, free from annoying wiring, allowing the transit of objects with different heights.




Fork sensor for labels

Available size: 03 mm

Fork sensors for labels are widely used in packaging industry, above all for counting/detecting labels, recognizing breakage, and detecting signs on semi-transparent film. Special applications are the right positioning,  the power control, the detection of damaged caps and double sheet.


Light-band fork sensors

Available sizes: 40, 80 mm

The series is characterized by a 8mm or 30mm wide light band of uniform intensity.

By using analog or digital amplifiers the system can offer:

  • analog output 0-10V or 4-20mA for web edge control or profile measure
  • on-off output for counting objects with complex shapes, where a single beam doesn’t guarantee the correct interception

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