MT Sensorline Srl was founded in January 2006.

From 2006 to 2014 MT Sensorline acts as the exclusive distributor for Italy of STM, a German leading manufacturer of optoelectronic sensors.

Approaching the market as specialist and problem solver has been the real strength of MT Sensorline that, application after application, could gain knowledge and experience in various fields.

Passion, maximum customer orientation, and many field tests, were the main actors of many success stories.

Over the years MT Sensorline acquires new partnership, choosing for its customers always prestigious brands in line with its identity of specialist distributor, such as Baumer, BDC Electronic, Contrinex and Grein.

In 2014 STM is incorporated into the Balluff Group, a German company with branches all over the world and with a broad product portfolio in stock. Since then, MT Sensorline becomes official distributor Balluff.

Today MT Sensorline has many years of technical experience in many application contexts, which allows it to find effective solutions in many cases.

MT Sensorline aims to build and maintain a professional relationship with customers, and to meet any new demand in the market, thanks to continuous technological evolution of its product range and the possibility of customized solutions, even for small and medium series.

Although specializing in the sale of sensors, MT Sensorline has a wide variety of connectors and cable assemblies for immediate delivery, and also offers a wide range of components for industrial automation and safety.

Success factors:

► Streamlined and ready to meet the technical requirements of the market

► Warehouse with a wide range of products in stock

► Possibility of customized solutions

► Products of high quality and reliability

► Technical support, pre- and post- sale

Main markets:

► Assembly machines

► Packaging machines

► Presses

► Measuring Machines

► Robotics

Selling Policies:

► Technical and commercial advice, with maximum customer orientation

► Research technical and commercial alternatives, aimed at reducing costs